#ThisisCLE to me...

The city where rock was born knows a thing or two about passion, freedom, and doing it your way - - no matter what. But don't just take it from us. Let #ThisisCLE show you the way. 

Destination Cleveland's (that's us) mission is to drive economic impact and stimulate community vitality for Greater Cleveland through leisure and business travel. While we can organize the efforts and amplify the message, we can’t tell the entire Cleveland story alone. Promoting the city takes a city full of passionate citizens. Queue #ThisisCLE.

To best tell the story, we invited all Clevelanders to join in by sharing their favorite things to see, do and eat in Cleveland, their favorite places to ski, watch the sunset, and sip a local brew. Whatever the case, each tagged message should be unmistakably Cleveland and an opportunity for you to experience Cleveland like a local. 

We have strong opinions about what we love most about the city. 

And for that, you’re welcome.