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Cleveland Hashstag Project: #CLEProjectNoLabor

Labor Day Weekend is here! A three-day weekend is always appreciated, but when that extra day is dedicated to not working, things just feel even better. This Labor Day, we're hosting our third Cleveland hashtag project - and it's going to celebrate the fact that most of us will not be working until Tuesday! (Click here to learn about the first project.)

Steps to #CLEProjectNoLabor success:

  1. Have FUN not working this weekend. Sounds easy enough, right? Check out our Labor Day Weekend article to find some good times inspo.
  2. Snap some photos or video. 
  3. Post to Instagram and tag @ThisisCLE#ThisisCLE and #CLEProjectNoLabor. Since you'll be frolicing in The Land for a whole extra day this weekend, it will probably be hard to just share one entry. We vote for a carousel post.  
  4. On Tuesday, we'll choose some lucky random project participants to receive CLE Clothing Co. swag. 

Some house keeping notes:

  • Images must be appropriate and your own. Basically, don't break Instagram's Community Guidelines.
  • The project hashtag will change based on the topic. Check back on the blog for new announcements. You could also follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.  
  • You don't have to be from Cleveland to contribute to the project.  
  • We'll try to do a project every other weekend. 
  • This is a group effort. Have an idea for a project topic? Comment below. 

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