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Cleveland Script Signs

The first time I saw the over-sized Cleveland letters, I was a marketing intern at Destination Cleveland. It was my job to schedule dates and times for the letters to be at select locations and events during our local holiday campaign. After my internship, I started working full time as a social media specialist at Destination Cleveland and I realized one thing after monitoring our twitter accounts for a few days - the people have MAD LOVE for the giant letters. Each event that hosted the letters led to more and more emails, tweets, and questions about where they could be found next. 

Now, both visitors and locals can enjoy three different permanent Cleveland script signs that are located around The Land. Here is where to find them: 

Edgewater Park

Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, Cleveland, OH 44102


North Coast Harbor

1001 E. 9th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114 



1430 Abbey Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113 

*The addresses listed above are not exact but should get you close enough to find them!


About The Author

Janey is a Social Media Specialist at Destination Cleveland and a food blogger - follow her on Instagram (@FoodsofJane) or check out her food blog:!

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