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Cleveland Starts Here

The Cleveland History Center, located in University Circle, recently opened the new, permanent “Cleveland Starts Here” exhibit, which walks you through the historical foundation for which Cleveland is built on today. Interactive and immersive, this exhibit is way more than a few pictures on the wall.

Since Cleveland’s founding in 1796 a lot has changed. Bridges were built, skyscrapers have popped up, new industries have prevailed and sometimes you can even find Froot Loops on our hotdogs. But—at its core—there’s been one common theme that has stood the test of time: Cleveland has always done things our way.

This exhibit makes you feel as if you’re time traveling in the past, then taking a journey right back to the future. “Cleveland Starts Here” is home to the first ever DeLorean—yep, the same car that Marty McFly and Doc Brown used on all their “Back to the Future” adventures.

Beyond that, you can experience firsthand Cleveland’s most interesting artifacts including a lunar descent engine (made in Cleveland), clothing from the 1940s, Lebron James' size 15 shoes and much more.

“Cleveland Starts Here” is packed with stories of dreamers and risk takers. This exhibit highlights Cleveland’s ups and downs, which add up to who we are today—a bold, proud and progressive city.

Whether you’re an out-of-towner or a lifelong Cleveland resident, you’ll leave the “Cleveland Starts Here” exhibit filled with knowledge of what makes Cleveland…well…Cleveland.

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