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Hidden Gems of Cleveland: The Cleveland Public Library

Some of the best parts of Cleveland are those that you don't know about yet. Here's a quest: The Cleveland Public Library. Bill, the receptionist told us that it's the second-largest public library in the nation... how cool? From the inside out, it's got views for days.

The main branch of the library operates out of two structures that take up a big part of Superior Ave. The first building was founded in 1869 and man, it is beautiful. It's old age leaves us with some amazing old-world architecture, and it's kind of like Cleveland's own mini-Hogwarts.

Although you can only go up to the third floor in the main building, some of the best hidden parts of this beautiful place start in the basement. We recommend getting the real-deal tour from the friendliest receptionist you'll ever meet, Bill. Without him, we wouldn't have discovered nearly enough about this historic place. Bill is a Cleveland gem himself with a personality so contagious, we almost stayed all day!

Bill was quick about the secret tour, but made sure we took a few notes along the way. While we were in the basement, he had us look up and remember this view.

Next thing we knew, we were back in the elevator going up to the tenth floor! This took us to see one of the best views in Cleveland. 

If you didn't know, now you know. There's an amazing observation deck on the tenth floor of the second building! And the "look up" memory-shot Bill had us take? We were now looking down at it. He took us underneath the courtyard that separates the two buildings! 

Also, if you ever get confused (because we sure did), there's a miniature scale of the CPL campus!

There is always more to it than meets the eye in Cleveland.

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