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Mason's Creamery: Ramen

Can I just start this thing off by saying that I had to explain the concept of buying ramen noodles from an ice cream shop to my mom for 15 minutes before she finally understood? "YES MOM, it's an ice cream shop that serves the best ramen I’ve ever eaten." The owners, Helen and Jesse, don’t always have ramen on the menu. It happens 2 to 3 times a month. The fact that this glorious ramen option isn’t an any-time thing makes it all the more special. So special in fact, on days they serve ramen, there's usually a line out the door. Helen updates their social media channels to let everyone know when they start running low and sell out! I actually thought twice about writing this blog post because the more people that find out about this, well, you know.

Cleveland at times is sort of random and quirky like that, and this is by far my favorite example to use when I’m trying to describe that aspect of this wonderful city to an outsider. Welp, we happen to have an ice cream shop in Ohio City that serves up the best pork and veg ramen I’ve ever had and I consider myself a ramen connoisseur, been eating the stuff since I was in diapers and maybe even one time took a ramen noodle bath.

So far, I’ve only eaten Mason’s pork ramen, and it is so damn authentic and full of rich flavor – it’s honestly hard to talk about right now because it will be at least a month before I get my hands on another bowl. Next time I am going to try the veg…it’s made with a mushroom stock and it’s vegan but almost “meaty” with umami (which is a special and unique taste that’s rich and savory.) Anyways, the pork ramen comes with noodles, savory pork broth, a thick slice of juicy pork, scallions, mushrooms and an egg with a somewhat runny yolk. Last time I ate it I added a few splashes of chili oil to the broth and it was super spicy, if heat is your thing then I suggest you do the same!

By the way, since the shop is smaller, the ramen is to-go so if you end up going, it will be a sort of pick-up deal. I always get ice cream when I stop in for ramen too, and eat it on the way home to hold me over because I’m super healthy like that.

Follow @MasonsCreamery on Instagram and Twitter to keep yourself in the loop about the next time they will be selling ramen!


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